GeoPhy enhances Evra platform

GeoPhy has launched three enhancements to its Evra platform aimed at helping commercial real estate investors and lenders better screen and value multifamily properties.

Tenant Population Indexes (TPI) provides trended indexes based on the number of tenants in multifamily properties nationwide at a property, neighbourhood, and metro area level. The indexes help investors and lenders understand and monitor changes in occupancy for multifamily properties. 

Competing offerings in the commercial real estate (CRE) space are based on property management software and cover only a portion of the overall market using that software. TPI tracks hundreds of thousands of properties nationwide of all sizes, including small properties below 20 units, by tapping into GeoPhy’s proprietary Tenant Credit Profile data set’s nationwide coverage. TPI is updated monthly and includes two years of monthly trends.

Evra Insights Portal delivers custom reports, maps, and dashboards for GeoPhy’s premium customers within a dedicated, secure location of the Evra platform. The custom reports may include a combination of client-provided, GeoPhy-provided, or externally sourced data linked and viewable by all users within a client enabling seamless collaboration across functions. For example, a client may request a custom report showing key metrics on their currently owned portfolio of properties and selected comps for each. 

The reports can tap any GeoPhy dataset, including: multifamily tenant credit data aggregated at the property, neighbourhood, and metro level; property sale, tax, and lending data; REIT portfolios for comparison to client portfolios; and automated valuation model quotes for individual multifamily properties.

Neighbourhood Rating Download allows premium customers can now gather our proprietary Neighbourhoods ratings directly within Evra. Updated monthly, the latest neighbourhood data – including both Multifamily and Industrial Neighbourhoods – are available for download in CSV and GeoJson format, for incorporation into client business analysis tools.

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