TSC Real Estate becomes ECORE member

Berlin-based TSC Real Estate, an investment and asset management company focused on healthcare real estate and social properties, has become a member of the ESG Circle of Real Estate (ECORE).

The initiative was founded and is co-ordinated by Bell Management Consultants and its membership now includes around 100 renowned investors and property companies across the various sectors within the industry. The objective is to record the sustainability of real estate portfolios in a transparent, measurable and comparable way with the help of a sophisticated scoring model and to pro-actively accompany the real estate sector on its way to CO2 neutrality.

TSC Real Estate will bring the company’s many years of established expertise in the area of healthcare and social real estate. This involves not least providing available data on the property portfolio managed by TSC Real Estate comprising approximately 110 properties, which will be particularly helpful in the further development and definition of ESG criteria and standards, particularly in this segment.

Berthold Becker, Manging Director of TSC Real Estate, says: “ESG is an sustainably topic, but one in which the real estate industry is still in the starting blocks. We are firmly convinced that a sustainable implementation of ESG criteria can only be achieved through an industry-wide consistent and standardised approach and comparable and measurable implementation. Our specialist expertise in the field of healthcare and social real estate will make a valuable contribution in this regard. At the same time, by joining ECORE as a company, we are actively shouldering the social responsibility of the real estate industry in achieving the EU’s climate objectives.”