LINUS Digital Finance to offer long-term portfolio investment in core real estate in the future

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LINUS Digital Finance is expanding its investment solutions to include equity real estate. Only recently the Berlin-based real estate fintech completed its first portfolio investment with a newly-built residential property in Berlin-Mitte.

The investment solutions on offer to date in the private debt sector are thus being supplemented with long-term portfolio investments.

“It is our aspiration to offer our co-investors secure, long-term, high-yield equity investments in real estate from the autumn of 2021 onwards," says David Neuhoff. "We are convinced that our product is a significantly more attractive investment for our clients than the direct purchase of a property – at the very least due to the elimination of the administrative workload and costs. With our new investment solution we are offering an attractive alternative to other fixed-interest offerings. In the longer term we expect a distribution yield of three to four per cent pa. and anticipate an overall return of five to seven per cent.” 

The real estate fintech had only recently also made its digital investment platform accessible for British investors, thus taking another important step on its path to the internationalisation of its business. 

“The strategic expansion of our investment offering and the launch of our digital investment platform in the UK are two important steps for us on the path to becoming the leading pan-European real estate fintech,” says Neuhoff. “In the medium term we intend to make it possible for investors from all over Europe to invest in real estate completely digitally and on a cross-border basis.”

Inclusion in XETRA trading thanks to designated sponsor Hauck & Aufhäuser.

LINUS Digital Finance is also making progress on the capital market. In Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG a designated sponsor was recently mandated for the trading of the shares in Linus Digital Finance AG. 

“Thanks to our listing in XETRA and the collaboration with Hauck & Aufhäuser our share is now to be found on the most significant German marketplace and we are increasing its liquidity and marketability. In this manner we are establishing the possibility to process the necessary capital market transactions as quickly, transparently and efficiently as possible in the future,” says Frederic Olbert, CFO of Linus Digital Finance AG. 

In addition to the Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf stock exchanges, shares in LINUS Digital Finance can now also be traded on the digital marketplaces of the Munich stock exchange, Gettex, and Düsseldorf stock exchange, Quotrix.

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