IMMO Capital launches first European Single Family Residential (SFR) portfolio to retail investors through the Exporo platform

IMMO Capital, a tech-enabled end-to-end platform for residential investment management, has become the first Single Family Residential (SFR) specialist to provide a portfolio of single unit assets to retail investors.

IMMO Capital digitally sourced and evaluated over EUR500 million worth of deals, to assemble a highly curated portfolio of fully refurbished SFR units in central, popular residential areas of Hamburg (Germany), delivering market-beating returns, and achieved full leasing occupancy within days. The portfolio was subsequently tokenised using real estate investment platform Exporo’s blockchain technology, before being made available to retail investors for amounts as low as 25 EUR.  

The entire portfolio was successfully placed within hours of issue.  

IMMO Capital uses machine learning technology to source, underwrite and structure SFR assets into large portfolios for investors, resulting in stabilised rental income, strong capital appreciation and best-in-class property management. 

Working with Exporo has enabled IMMO Capital to bring these high quality institutional assets to retail consumers, who in turn, can trade their shares digitally afterwards. 

Hans-Christian Zappel, CEO and co-founder of IMMO Capital, says: "We are excited to be unlocking the SFR market in Europe, an untapped EUR34 trillion investment class.  This provides opportunities for investors in all categories, from institutions through to retail investors.  The speed of take up of this portfolio demonstrates the appetite for this product, from those looking to access professionally managed real estate investments in prime German locations.”

Simon Brunke, co-CEO and founder of Exporo, says: "The co-operation with IMMO Capital is a strategic development for Exporo, as we open up our platform to first-class third party asset managers.  Due to this success, we hope to offer further residential portfolios in partnership with IMMO Capital in the future.  SFR is already well established in North America and we see the growth trajectory following a similar path in Europe.”