Gravis launches VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income Fund

Gravis Advisory Limited, a subsidiary of infrastructure and real estate investment specialist Gravis Capital Management Limited, has launched the VT Gravis Digital Infrastructure Income Fund (DIIF), the firm’s fourth OEIC and a unique addition to its existing range. 

The Fund will be managed by Gravis’ Director of Real Estate Securities, Matthew Norris and will invest in companies which own physical infrastructure assets vital to the digital economy, including data centres, telecom towers, fibre optic cable companies, logistics warehouses, and the digitalisation of transportation.
In line with the existing Gravis range, the new fund is expected to deliver capital growth by investing through market cycles in global listed securities including real estate investment trusts, equities, and bonds. It will target an annual dividend yield of 3 per cent.
Commenting on the fund launch, Norris, says: “The digital age is firmly here. The so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in which digital technologies pervade every area of life, from how we work and play, to how we navigate day-to-day life, is well underway. This evolution from analogue to digital has happened startlingly quickly. The technology now at our fingertips operates at a speed and sophistication that would have once fallen well beyond the reach of many of our imaginations. As the technology available to us grows, so too does the demand for the data which powers and enables it. Data is generated all day, every day, and is increasingly accessed via more mobile means for an increasing number of activities. 

"This ‘Internet of Things’, which connects physical objects, such as domestic appliances, vehicles and industrial machinery to the internet, has resulted in an explosion of new data which needs to be communicated, exchanged and stored. We have a perpetual cycle of connectivity, where more apps create more data, which creates more apps, which in turn creates more data – a continuous data loop. The growth in data has accelerated the demand for digital infrastructure assets, physical assets that enable the digital world to happen, and created many attractive investment opportunities.”
William MacLeod, Managing Director of Gravis Advisory Limited, says: “We’re thrilled to be launching our fourth Gravis OEIC, investing in a vital but largely unrecognised sector of the global economy, and one which is growing at an extraordinary pace. We are especially pleased with the response we’ve had during the offer period, it seems we have struck a chord with investors, many of whom are intending to invest from the start. It is never easy getting a new fund concept off the ground and we’d like to thank those who have backed our judgement.”

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