SCOR Investment Partners adopts sustainable investment charter for SCOR Real Estate Loans IV fund

SCOR Investment Partners, the asset management arm of the reinsurer SCOR, has published a sustainable investment charter for its SCOR Real Estate Loans IV fund. 

In doing so, the fund has become the first French real estate loan fund to adopt a charter with strong non-financial criteria and measurable sustainable investment objectives.

Launched on 27 December, 2019, SCOR Real Estate Loans IV is the fourth generation of the asset manager’s senior real estate loan funds. Like its predecessors, the new fund finances the renovation, restructuring, repositioning and construction of real estate assets, with an emphasis on projects that aspire to the highest energy, environment and well-being standards for their residents: HQE (High Performing, Excellent or Exceptional), BREEAM, (Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding), BBCA (Low Carbon), Well etc. This value-add positioning has been the hallmark of the real estate strategy of SCOR Investment Partners since the asset manager launched its first fund in 2013. It is part and parcel of SCOR Investment Partners’ investment policy, which emphasises direct participation in long-term energy transition without neglecting financial performance. As of 30 April, 2021, 100 per cent of the office building projects financed by the fund were slated to obtain the market’s highest environmental certifications.

Through this ground-breaking sustainable investment charter, SCOR Investment Partners confirms its proactive approach to promoting sustainable development. The SCOR Real Estate Loans IV fund is committed to the following principles:

• Financing the real economy,

• Improving the sustainability of real estate assets in France and elsewhere in Europe,

• Financing projects that aim to accelerate the real estate sector’s environmental and energy transition,

• Enabling institutional investors to create sustainable value by integrating non-financial criteria into its investment strategy while maintaining an attractive risk/return profile.

François de Varenne, Chief Executive Officer of SCOR Investment Partners, says: “SCOR Investment Partners believes that real estate is an asset class particularly well adapted to innovative and engaged sustainable development. In this regard, value-add real estate loan funds provide a timely and judicious response to the urgent need for environmental transition. I am particularly proud of the work of our real estate fund investment team, which aims to obtain the highest environmental standards for the assets it selects. Together, we finance the sustainable development of our Society.”

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