Bullfinch AG and Aquila Capital launch joint investment vehicle for energy-efficient assets

Aquila Capital and bullfinch have launched a strategic joint investment vehicle to invest in energy efficiency assets across Europe.

By combining Aquila Capital’s leading investment experience in real assets and renewable energy, with bullfinch’s unique expertise in decentralised renewable projects and next-gen technology platform, the partnership intends to make an immediate impact in the renewable investment landscape.

With more than EUR25 trillion to be invested in upgrading real estate assets across Europe to achieve climate goals, decentralised green infrastructure projects play an increasingly critical role in fighting climate change. The joint investment vehicle aims to become a relevant pure player in energy efficiency, targeting an investment of more than EUR200 million in the next two years.

Aquila and bullfinch’s initiative will support the fast expansion of digital smart metering through financing, asset acquisition, and operations. Ultimately, Aquila and bullfinch are working together to realise the common vision of a world entirely powered by clean energy.