Techemy Capital launches Managed DeFi Portfolio

Digital asset investment firm Techemy Capital has launched its Managed DeFi Portfolio in partnership with Enzyme Finance, an on-chain asset management company formerly known as Melon Protocol. Techemy Capital will combine expertise and strategy based on years of in-house proprietary trading through the discretionary and active portfolio management solution to provide wholesale and accredited investors access to the entire Ethereum DeFi Ecosystem at competitive rates.

In its nascent stage, DeFi can be complex and risky with potential issues surrounding smart contract code errors, market volatility, and accessibility to diverse DeFi projects. Powered by Brave New Coin and Enzyme Finance, the Managed DeFi Portfolio brings Techemy Capital’s unique investment strategy into action for wholesale and accredited investors who are looking for exposure to Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem while eliminating the associated risks.  

“We are excited to provide this opportunity through Enzyme where wholesale and accredited investors can gain a wide exposure to Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem,” says Fran Strajnar, Founder of Techemy Capital and Brave New Coin. “On the back of the stellar performance for the private/internal DeFi fund we ran for the calendar year 2020 (closed +411 per cent USD) with the same thesis, I’m looking forward to delivering this professional DeFi investment solution to the market.” 

“The portfolio will focus on intra-sector growth and strength amongst leading decentralized Oracles, lending and borrowing dapps, DEXs, DEX aggregation, and inter-blockchain liquidity wrappers,” says Josh Olszewicz, Portfolio Manager at Techemy Capital. “All of these services have quickly become a mainstay in the DeFi ecosystem and main pillars in the DeFi ethos.”  

Techemy Capital’s unique investment strategy, based on successful practices and risk management, allows investors to fully control their assets through non-custodial storage while eliminating the risk of human error by programming the architecture of the portfolio to behave within the preset parameters. Investors can withdraw their assets anytime and track the portfolio’s performance 24/7 as blockchain technology ensures the validity, immutability, and visibility of all transactions on the public ledger.  

Additionally, Techemy Capital provides opportunities for investors to hedge their exposure to DeFi by getting insurance-like coverage against potential smart contract failures through its partnerships with Nexus Mutual and Unslashed Finance.  

The initial asset allocation of the Managed DeFi Portfolio includes Chainlink ($LINK), Band Protocol ($BAND), SushiSwap ($SUSHI), Maker DAO ($MKR), 0x Protocol ($ZRX), Ren Protocol ($REN), Aave ($AAVE), Balancer Finance ($BAL), Compound Network ($COMP), Synthetix Network ($SNX), Uniswap ($UNI), Curve Finance ($CRV), Bancor Network ($BNT), and 1Inch Exchange ($1INCH).