Crypto Asset Rating to launch Real Estate Tokenization Asset Platform


Crypto Asset Rating is to launch a new platform that will allow real estate agents, brokers, realtors, and property owners to tokenise commercial or residential properties.

The Real Estate Tokenization Asset Platform (RETAP) allows investors from across the globe to buy into the US real estate market through legally compliant blockchain-based digital securities.

"RETAP will achieve our vision to redefine real estate ownership and to convert illiquid real estate assets to liquid assets through digital securities," says Pramod Attarde, Chief Executive Officer, Crypto Asset Rating, Inc.

Buying and selling real estate is among the most expensive and complicated. Their outdated use of paper documents makes real estate comparatively illiquid.

Tokenisation is the representation of ownership with virtual tokens. These tokens exist on a blockchain adapted to be compliant with securities regulations. Tokenisation offers advantages that include liquidity, a global investment pool, reduced costs, standardised smart contracts, transparency, immutability, management simplification, increased security, and so much more.

Property can be purchased or sold from anywhere in the world with RETAP. It gives asset issuers and investors the security and reassurance they need to move forward with the safe investment and ownership of tokenised assets. Global access, asset fractionalisation, instant settlement, and peer-to-peer transactions all work together to facilitate the liquidity of real estate assets.

Real Estate professionals have their own RETAP marketplace in which they can tokenise assets for their clients. They can create a Series LLC on the RETAP platform on Ethereum, possessing tokens and a unique address. The Series LLC will own each property with a smart contract. Tokens created by the Series LLC will be legally compliant digital securities under various regulations, such as Reg D, Reg S, or Reg A+. The tokens will be on the Mainnet and offer buyers a share of these estate projects' rental income.

This blockchain-based organisation has the potential to eradicate persistent issues in the commercial real estate sector. With the ever-increasing demand and awareness of the crypto market and decentralisation of assets, Crypto Asset Rating, Inc is changing the dynamics of the Real Estate Market through their RETAP marketplace.

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