ABG Real Estate Group appoints new Managing Director

Piotr Bienkowski (50) has joined the management of ABG Real Estate Holding with its three business lines ABG Development, ABG Real Estate Management, and ABG Capital as a Managing Director alongside Ulrich Höller (Chairman) und Dr Thomas Hartmann (CFO).

Piotr Bienkowski has also become co-shareholder of the business line ABG Capital, for whose performance he holds particular responsibility. ABG Capital is the newly established investment management division of ABG Real Estate Group, whose development business counts among the largest in Germany. It designs and implements products for institutional real estate investment. The main shareholder of ABG Capital is ABG Real Estate Holding, owned by Dr Walter Wübben and Ulrich Höller. Aside from Mr Bienkowski, the RAG Foundation has joined the circle of shareholders as a strategic investor.

Piotr Bienkowski has more than 30 years of experience in the sector. He served as Managing Director of BNP Paribas Real Estate Germany for 17 years – the last eight years as CEO.
Ulrich Höller, Managing Partner at ABG Real Estate Group, says: “With Piotr Bienkowski we have managed to attract an excellent and highly experienced investment specialist. With his expertise, he is also the ideal choice to lead our new business line ABG Capital.”