CleanAir Spaces launches new clean air tech to combat Covid-19

CleanAir Spaces has developed a new technology to help make indoor air spaces safer as part of the response to Covid-19.

The new DuctFIT Solution, which will shortly be installed in a south London real estate property, treats indoor air with water vapour and hydrogen peroxide forming ions that circulate the air within this space. These ions cover surfaces and affect the lipid membranes of virus cells. This results in the cells becoming inactive and losing their infectious capacity leading to a lowering the viral load in an indoor space.

Unlike air conditioning that only treats the air entering its filters, the ductFIT Solution actively reaches all corners of a room. By lowering the viral load of virus cells in the air, this reduces the extent to which the virus can infect people using the space. Clean Air Spaces has worked over the last five years to build out a major presence in Asia with over 28 million square metres fitted out improving air quality working with CBRE, JLL, Google, Microsoft.
Trials at the Kansas State University have found a 99 per cent reduction in H1N1 Viruses within two hours, down to 100 per cent within 10 hours using the Clean Air Spaces ductFIT machines
The technology is currently undergoing clinical studies in Spain, and studies have found that the ductFIT technology can reduce the viral load of Covid-19. This limited the number of positive Covid-19 cases and reduced the severity of infections in environments containing the technology. The company has started a clinical trial with humans at the University General Hospital of Granada (University of Granada) to examine the extent to which the ductFIT technology reduces admissions to ICU and the need for invasive ventilation; reduces mortality; and reduces recovery time. 

The CleanAir Spaces team is now supporting the University General Hospital of Granada to equip the hospital, including the chapel, which is being transformed into an ICU to support the needs of the City.