BrainBox AI to deploy its autonomous building technology across AMP Capital’s entire real estate portfolio

AI thinking

BrainBox AI, a specialist in autonomous building technology, has agreed a deal with AMP Capital to deploy its artificial intelligence (AI) technology across the global investment management company’s entire managed real estate portfolio. 

AMP Capital, one of the largest investment managers in APAC, now becomes the first organisation in the world to install an autonomous AI HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system across its managed real estate portfolio, which includes central business district office buildings, retail shopping centers and logistics facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The rollout with AMP Capital comes only days after BrainBox AI’s announcement of its launch in Europe, with its technology now available in the UK, Ireland, and Italy. It also follows the company’s recent resale partnership with Hong Kong-based Sunland Cleantech.

“In an ever-evolving commercial real estate market, companies around the world face mounting pressure to address environmental concerns while maintaining low running costs to ensure they can deliver the highest possible returns to their shareholders and investors,” says Sam Ramadori, President at BrainBox AI. “Our partnership with AMP Capital is a great example of how BrainBox AI can help a real estate owner, anywhere in the world, make their portfolio fully autonomous and achieve levels of efficiency that are only possible with AI.”

“We are delighted to adopt this cutting edge technology to reduce our carbon footprint and make our buildings a more comfortable place for our customers to work or visit,” says Daniel Lepore, Head of Asset Technology at AMP Capital. “For too long, air conditioning systems have been too slow to react to changes in the weather, wasting energy and costing both the environment, tenants and investors. Now, we won’t have to wait for customers to pick up the phone, the system will respond before there is even an issue. This exciting initiative is also another step towards reducing our carbon footprint, taking us ever closer to our Net Zero Carbon aspirations and delivering our 2030 Sustainability strategy.”