Habitat for Humanity partners with Miller Homes to help rebuild Beirut

Beirut Port

In response to the devastating explosion in the Port of Beirut in August, Miller Homes has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain to help rebuild the Lebanese capital.

According to current needs assessments, over 170,000 people in Beirut are in need of support to repair or reconstruct their homes. Nearly 30,000 apartments suffered minor damage including shattered windows, doors, and facades. Approximately 17,000 apartments suffered moderate damage, with residents unable to return to their homes safely. A further 1,100 buildings suffered extensive structural damage and will need significant repairs, or complete demolition and reconstruction.

Through its ongoing partnership with the charity, Miller Homes has been able to bring together the likes of Forterra, H+H, Travis Perkins, NHBC and Symphony. With the help of these businesses, Habitat for Humanity GB and our partners in Beirut will be able to support more of the vulnerable families that can’t currently return to their home.
Tum Kazunga, CEO at Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, says: “The explosion in Beirut has been one of the most devastating events we have seen in a long time. It has also come at an extremely difficult time. With COVID-19 still prevailing as an active pandemic and the country’s economy in severe distress, vulnerable families are really struggling to pay for essential items, let alone the rebuild of their home.
“Our partnership with Miller Homes is a great example of how one company can make a huge impact. They have been crucial in bringing the industry together at a time when a fast response is imperative. With their help, we will be able to support vulnerable families on the ground and ensure they, once again, have a safe home to live in.”
Chris Endsor, Chief Executive at Miller Homes, adds: “With the help of some of our key suppliers, we are pleased to be in a position to be able to support Habitat for Humanity’s efforts in Lebanon.  The explosion has had a devastating impact on so many families in Beirut, many of whom have been displaced from their homes and are experiencing financial hardship, and we hope our support will go a small way towards making a positive difference during these extremely difficult times.”
With the support of Miller Homes and its partners, Habitat for Humanity GB will be able to: assist affected families to regain access to safe and secure shelter through light and medium repairs to damaged homes; support the recovery of neighbourhoods, through repairs to shop fronts of small businesses and rehabilitation of communal spaces and targeted infrastructure; provide advice and technical assistance to households, local organisations and NGOs on critical shelter issues including damage assessment, construction standards, housing, land and property rights, and urban recovery.