NHS Open Space launches 40 new sites offering flexible working space

Following a successful reopening of sites post-lockdown, NHS Open Space has launched 40 new sites, now offering over 500 rooms across 60 locations from Sunderland to Portsmouth. 

The NHSPS scheme offers clinical and meeting space within the NHS on a pay-as-you-go basis, via a flexible online booking system for both large and independent businesses.

With the addition of these new sites, the scheme will be able to reinvest additional funds into the NHS and has ambitious expansion plans with another 40-60 sites joining the scheme by March of next year. The scheme will then rapidly expand across the NHS Property Services portfolio initially to a total of 250 sites. Rooms available include meeting, group activity or examination rooms, office spaces and minor operation suites.

NHS Open Space will help provide an alternative, cost effective option for businesses of all kinds looking to work closer to home, while keeping their finances healthy. With almost half (48 per cent) of registrations for space coming from private sector businesses since the launch of the scheme, NHS Open space ensures businesses big and small are able to work in a cost-effective and flexible way, all within government guidelines. 

John Westwood, Director of Asset Management at NHSPS, says: “We know many healthcare providers and businesses will be looking for alternative property options in the wake of the pandemic. Flexible room booking means we can address this need and make better use of NHS space, with additional services being offered to communities that need them most.

“Our customers can count on us to ensure that all available sites are cleaned and maintained to the highest of safety standards as NHS Property Services provide facilities management.”