Arinite considers post-coronavirus office working

Health & Safety Consultancy Arinite has analysed the current government guidelines on offices and contact centres to reveal how the office will look employees return to work.


According to Arinite, offices worker will be split into separate groups who go to the office on different days and can’t intermingle, minimising the chances of a Covid-19 outbreak spreading through the entire company.
Departments within companies may also choose to split up staff, so that operational capacity isn’t affected by an outbreak.
This could result in workers still feeling the effects of loneliness that almost a third of workers have cited as a key disadvantage of working from home.
With the 2 metre social distancing guidelines enforced in offices, Arinite says many meeting rooms and office spaces will be too small to hold team meetings, with most meetings instead being held in larger open spaces, or online.
Business to business meetings meanwhile, whether they be with clients, or suppliers, will stay online to minimise the chances of a Covid-19 outbreak affecting multiple offices.
This will result in a reduction in business travel, and an increase in online infrastructure investment.
Arinte also says that kitchen areas, cafes, and social areas with particularly high footfall will require regular disinfection and more sanitary products.
Lunch breaks may be staggered or these areas could be closed entirely, to reduce the chances of too many workers using the facilities and socialising at the same time.
A study by the New Yorker revealed that 70 per cent of offices are currently open plan, but Arnite believes that the requirement to deploy barriers/screens in open rooms may result in companies favouring a more traditional layout, with partitions and separated working areas reducing the chances of infection spreading.