Developers of energy-positive Svart Hotel unveil ‘Green Bond’ sustainable investment opportunity

MIRIS, a technology-driven company in the real estate sector that enables sustainable solutions for Smart Buildings, today unveils Green Bond, a sustainable investment bond. 

Green Bond funds a portfolio of sustainable projects, including innovative energy-saving technology and carbon-neutral property developments such as the energy-positive Svart hotel in Norway, due to open in 2022.

Green Bond provides an opportunity for investors to build wealth responsibly, investing in the future of travel, property and technology while safeguarding the planet for generations to come. Individuals may invest with as little as EUR100 and can expect a yearly interest of seven per cent.
All Green Bond-funded projects will be listed on the MIRIS X investment platform, allowing investors to see exactly where their money is going and the impact it is making on the planet. A next-generation funding platform for capital intensive projects that are environmentally sustainable and profitable, the platform allows users to buy, track, manage and sell the Green Bond.
MIRIS uses a strict Green Finance Framework to select, track and report on projects. This framework sets out that all funds will be used in ways that benefit the environment and is also verified by independent third-party company Cicero, Norway’s leading climate research body.
Projects funded by Green Bond include Svart, the world’s first energy-positive hotel in Norway’s Arctic Circle, and the Bryne Technology Center, the first in Norway to be heated with energy from a local data center.
MIRIS is backed financially by US Capital Global. Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global has provided asset management and corporate financial services for over twenty years, focusing on lower middle market financing and investment banking. Led by lifelong entrepreneur Jeffrey Sweeney, US Capital Global has extensive experience in leading firms with a forward-thinking approach in both FinTech and impact investment development.