CLS increases renewable and low carbon on-site generation by 31 per cent

CLS today released its Sustainability Report for 2019 which outlines its progress in improving the sustainability of its portfolio in the UK, Germany and France.

Over the past financial year, the company has achieved a 2.3 per cent like-for-like reduction in its carbon emissions, while increasing its renewable and low carbon generation by 31 per cent.

The report outlines CLS’ progress against a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) which are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These KPIs include a 25 per cent reduction in the operational managed like-for-like carbon emissions by 2025 compared to the 2018 baseline and the generation of 10 per cent of the Group’s managed like-for-like electricity from on-site renewable and low carbon sources by the end of 2021. To read the full report, click here.
In addition to the 2.3 per cent like-for-like reduction in carbon emissions across the portfolio, CLS has focused on reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. By the end of 2019, CLS had generated 3.6 per cent of the Group’s managed like-for-like electricity from on-site renewable and low carbon sources, well on the way to achieving its KPI target of 10 per cent by 2021.
As part of its focus on renewable and low carbon energy usage, CLS is installing solar PV installations, electrification and electric vehicle charging points in any new developments across the portfolio. At a recently acquired property at 401 King Street, CLS installed solar PVs which are expected to provide 17,800kWh, delivering 17 per cent of the common area electricity for the building.
A key focus of the sustainability strategy is to improve the monitoring of energy usage in real time across all of its portfolio.  CLS has now installed smart meters in 78 per cent of its buildings across the portfolio. In addition, CLS achieved its 2019 target of maintaining an EPC rating of D-100 or higher across the UK, with 54 per cent of the portfolio now achieving a B or C rating.
Over the past year, CLS has reduced its operational managed like-for-like water usage across the Group by 4 per cent, exceeding its 3.5 per cent target for the year. In addition, CLS has maintained its UK recycling rate above its target of 70 per cent, now standing at 73 per cent, while 100 per cent of all waste generated has been diverted from landfill.
In addition, CLS has increased its GRESB score by 7 points to 70 while its CDP rating has been upgraded to B- up from C last year.
Fredrik Widlund, Chief Executive of CLS, says: “In 2018, we announced a new sustainability strategy based on the principle that improving sustainability is now a critical component for any responsible business. Our strategy not only means we play our part in combatting the most significant challenge that the world has faced, but it is good business. The progress we have made in 2019 will help future proof our business and we have already seen new and existing tenants recognise these efforts.
“However, this is only the beginning. Our entire company is focused on delivering a more sustainable portfolio and we expect to be judged by investors, tenants, partners and wider society against the tangible goals that we have set. I would like to thank our team for their extraordinary efforts over the past year.”