Sustainable investments and good results drive further growth in 2019 for Altera Vastgoed

Real estate investor Altera Vastgoed has reported an increase in portfolio value from EUR2.3 billion to a balance sheet total of EUR2.6 billion at year-en 2019, driven by acquisitions, disposals and revaluations within all sectors – residential, retail and industrial.

Jaap van der Bijl, CEO Altera, says: "We are convinced that our investment strategy - aimed at an integrated ESG/SDG approach in our investment portfolios - delivers a sustainable return with a positive impact for our investors, our tenants and society. In other words, a stable financial return and a positive contribution to sustainable real estate and a healthy, liveable society.

"In 2019, we continued to work on our platform and on improving our portfolios. We are a close-knit team with enthusiastic colleagues whom we also thank for their dedication and performance. This is also reflected in the appreciation we receive from our stakeholders.
The year 2020 will be a challenging year for investors and tenants due to Covid-19. We have taken various measures in their interest to mitigate the consequences."
A total of EUR363 million of new capital was raised in 2019. Of this, EUR257 million came from twelve new shareholders. Another important objective is to strengthen the shareholder base for the 'food & convenience' portfolio with international shareholders.
Sustainability & ESG is an integral part of business operations and investment strategy. In addition to the focus on the properties in the real estate portfolio, there is a focus on the impact in the area of Social and Governance.
The company says the Tthe returns realised in 2019 on the entire portfolio are 'good', with the retail portfolio seeing a fund return of 5.0 per cent. In addition, a solid direct return of 5.8 per cent and a substantial outperformance of the MSCI benchmark was achieved.

The residential portfolio, meanehilem realised a fund return of 12.4 per cent, while the industrial portfolio realised a fund return of 30.7 per cent, partly due to revaluations and the successful sale of a large part of the portfolio in 2019.