Convivia to unveil first apart-hotel in Torquay in early 2021

A new property development and investment group is on track to unveil its first apart- hotel in Torquay, Devon, in early 2021.  

Convivia is a London-based property and brand portfolio that aims to develop playful accommodation solutions, which encourage users to share space and create new experiences. 

Located within walking distance of Torquay’s main marina and new GBP32 million high street development, ‘Halcyon’ is Convivia’s first apart-hotel and will comprise of 42 generously sized, high specification one and two bed apartments with the additional ‘convivial’ benefits of a communal gym, cinema room, lounge and private ‘chefs’ kitchen’.

The new ‘Halcyon’ site will offer consumers the same flexibility, value and living space they crave in short-term, self-contained accommodation, but with a guaranteed level of service and specification. 

The first in a series of asset-backed investment apart-hotel property developments, Convivia is also in the process of finalising the acquisition of a 100-unit scheme in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre. 

With work anticipated to begin as early as Summer 2020, Convivia says this development will showcase some 'revolutionary industry firsts'.

Roy Ledgister, Founder and CEO of Convivia, says: “There is something fundamentally wrong with the way in which both public and private sector property developments are created and that is a sheer focus on maximising profit by squeezing as many units out of the given footprint, with little consideration for providing exciting communal space to be enjoyed.

Convivia Group aims to create a solid property investment portfolio underpinned by a spirit of conviviality and centred around experiential living. We are delighted to showcase our unique approach in the development of our first apart-hotel in Torquay, together with our exciting pipeline of developments due to be completed over the next 12 - 24 months.”

A successful Barrister and entrepreneur, Ledgister ha extensive experience in the development of a successful social housing property portfolio, having turned a GBP50 million investment into GBP165 million worth of assets in just five years.

Focused on refining the Opco and Propco model, Ledgister founded the Convivia brand in 2017 to develop more luxurious properties on an improved and low risk investment model. Convivia aims to deliver real estate using a proven, low-risk, investment model that takes advantage of development opportunities across deprived, middle and high-income areas across both the public and private sector.

With a focused end to end solution of acquiring, developing, operating and managing the entire portfolio in-house, the Convivia Group has ambitious plans to reach a GDV of GBP130 Million by the close of 2021, with plans to launch its first investment fund within the coming weeks.