Leading property figure among new investors into commercial real estate investment app

Former Rockspring Property Investment Managers CEO, Robert Gilchrist, is among a second tranche of angel investors who are backing Dashflow for CRE – the proptech app which is revolutionising commercial real estate investment appraisals.

Since its launch in 2018, the award-winning app has attracted users including M&G Real Estate, BNP Paribas Real Estate, Orion Capital Managers, Hermes, Derwent London, Delancey, SevenCapital and Amazon Property.

Warren Kinston of Intellect Automation International - which developed the app – says: “With more than 30 years’ involvement in pan European real estate investment, Robert brings a wealth of experience and contacts.

“He was a founder of Rockspring Property Investment Managers and was its CEO for 14 years prior to the company's sale to Patrizia AG in 2017. His focus on developing new products was a significant factor in Rockspring’s growth into a market leader”. 

In addition to investing into Dashflow, Gilchrist will work with the business as an ambassador and business advisor. He comments: “Seeing Dashflow in action was a ‘lightbulb moment’ for me. Aside from its ease of use, I can see a myriad of applications for it in the UK and globally. I’m excited to be involved in the continued roll-out of what I’m sure will become a ‘go to tool’ in the real estate industry.

“Dashflow for CRE is an iOS-based app which delivers sophisticated commercial real estate appraisals by responding instantly as cashflow parameters of any given investment scenario are manipulated by touch or voice. The app can do in minutes, even seconds, what can take hours or even days to do with alternative appraisal platforms.

“The app also creates an Excel DashModel using AI to write each spreadsheet formula. This new class of export avoids the reasoning and drudgery errors inherent in human labour, while providing full transparency and functionality.”

While running on iPhones and iPads, Dashflow’s import/export functions integrate fully with the standard desktop environment and team-sharing.  So it can be used anywhere at any time, even office meetings, to check ideas instantly. Corporate benefits include superior data security, standardisation of modelling, immediate audit, stronger risk-management, sharing systems of defaults for specific markets, and easy dynamic presentations in-house and with clients.

Gilchrist says: “This is groundbreaking tech, and something I would have loved to have had access to at Rockspring. The app puts investment modelling within reach of anyone in the industry, and the cashflow function enables you to instantly see the effects of investment options on internal rates of return and other profitability measures.

“Whether you’re in a real estate market with a high or low volume of investment transactions to evaluate, the importance of doing this accurately, quickly and economically remains absolutely crucial. The speed with which you can do the numbers and proceed to the point of bidding can give you a substantial edge over your competition.”