Riskhub launches property compliance and data management portal

Riskhub, a UK property data management platform, has launched a new cloud-based solution for organisations who manage property portfolios and housing stock.

Aiming to revolutionise the way organisations assess, manage and action compliance requirements, Riskhub is used by some of the UK’s largest housing associations to oversee more than 100,000 properties. The centralised system eradicates the fragmented, archaic management of offline data processes, and minimises the potential for mistakes and duplication. 

Intuitive and easy to use, the online hub creates a validated audit trail of every action generated from risk assessments. Users can quickly view the status of actions via a dashboard to immediately highlight and assign tasks, so that the most pressing are seen and effectively prioritised. 

Sarah Herbison, Strategic Director of Riskhub, says: “We’ve developed a best-in-class product that has a unique selling point; it’s effective, easy to use and handles all the data management needs for property portfolios both large and small.  

“Compliance checks can be incredibly complex, and with some organisations requiring thousands of regulatory actions across their portfolios, it can be impossible to navigate what are the most pressing.

“We have experts on hand to help organisations refine their risk assessment templates and workflow.  Businesses can be reassured that their compliance requirements are secure in the cloud and they get the support they need on the ground."

Built with API technology, Riskhub can interface with third party software and bespoke modules, enabling data sharing across multiple applications. The system will also be adding in other key compliance checks to its suite, including electrical, gas, asbestos, legionella and stock condition.