VT Gravis UK Listed Property Fund added to Standard Life platforms

Gravis Advisory’s VT Gravis UK Listed Property Fund (GULP), is now available on the Standard Life Elevate and Standard Life Wrap platforms.

Launched in October 2019, GULP invests in a portfolio of property companies considered to be best-in-class, largely made up of REITs, aiming to offer investors long-term dependable cash flows within the tax efficient PAIF (Property Authorised Investment Fund) structure.

William MacLeod, Managing Director of Gravis Advisory Limited, says: “We are thrilled to have made the fund available on Standard Life’s platforms. The fund was conceived and launched as the antidote to the problems faced by property investors after the Brexit referendum, when a number of open-ended property funds were temporarily closed due to a lack of liquidity. With the right structure, that should never happen, so we consider this fund to be of huge importance to investors wanting to avoid lock-ups and capture the main areas of growth in the UK property sector.”

GULP offers investors daily liquidity from a pool of underlying investments, valued at the end of 2019 at GBP80 billion, which themselves are traded daily on the London Stock Exchange. It seeks exposure to property linked to four key themes: the ageing population, digitisation, ‘generation rent’, and urbanisation. The fund has no exposure to the high street retail sector.

Jenny Davidson, Head of Platform Enabled Investment Solutions at Standard Life, says: “We’re delighted that Gravis have chosen to launch on the Standard Life Wrap and Elevate platforms. We always want to make sure the investment choice on our platforms remain relevant to advisers and their clients. Popularity of alternative property investment is growing so this new fund will offer increased choice across the range.”

Advised by Gravis’ Head of Real Estate Securities, Matthew Norris, the fund now has assets under management (AUM) of GBP24 million and targets a quarterly yield of 4 per cent after charges.