Helios, Sanne and Colmore develop dedicated GP portfolio monitoring solution

Following the announcement of their strategic partnership in September 2019, Sanne and Colmore have now entered into the next phase of development.

Building on Colmore’s award winning Limited Partner (LP) portfolio monitoring platform, Helios, Sanne and Colmore have begun to develop a dedicated General Partner (GP) solution to enable real-time, online portfolio data, seamlessly connected to Sanne’s fully integrated services offering.

Both organisations are excited about what the future holds. The combination will provide the wider alternative asset industry with a new end-to-end solution throughout the LP – GP value chain. This will not only harnesses the power of Colmore’s pioneering technology platform, but also the global expertise and scale of one of the world’s leading outsourced business services providers in Sanne.

Alex Tarantino of Colmore says: “Why walk when you can run? Sanne helps us deliver at the speed all of our clients expect. We exist to make private markets more accessible, transparent and real time. This partnership allows us to accelerate our mission to deliver accessibility and transparency in the sector, with one of the leading global experts. It enables us to deliver on our ambitious vision.”

Tarantino says: “Helios is becoming the go to platform for Limited Partner portfolio monitoring, and now through our partnership with Sanne, we are building the future technology of private markets for investors and fund managers. With the drive and enthusiasm we both share for this platform and the new future advantages it will provide clients in 2020, we believe that it is a real game changer for the industry.”

Jason Bingham, Managing Director of Product Development at Sanne, says: “We fully embrace technology and innovation at Sanne and constantly look at ways to evolve our service offering for the better. Our strategic partnership with Colmore is a great example of this. Our focus will always be on providing clients with high quality client service, supported by technology and the efficiencies they bring to our offering. The work we are doing with Colmore will simply further enhance our position in the value chain and how we will be able to add even more value to clients in the near future.

“We are also speaking closely with our GP clients globally and exploring with them how the Helios platform can best be evolved so as to address their on-going needs. The product innovation and roadmap in this area looks very interesting indeed.”