AEW UK Real Return Fund available on Mobius Life platform as part of new Specialist Fund range

The AEW UK Real Return Fund (“AEW RRF” or “the Fund”), an inflation linked income fund aimed at aligning the real benefits of property with the liabilities of pension savers and long-term investors, is now available to investors on Mobius Life, an institutional investment platform.

AEW RRF’s inclusion in Mobius Life’s new Specialist Fund range, will significantly open up the Fund to prospective institutional investors. 
The AEW UK Real Return Fund strategy targets a total real return of 4 per cent pa (net) and a 5 per cent pa gross portfolio yield and inflation-linked income growth. The Fund aims to provide capital preservation, in real terms, by building a portfolio based on the strong property fundamentals of this real asset class. AEW RRF accesses a wider UK investible universe of traditional and alternative sectors than typical balanced funds, aiming to generate greater diversification and lower volatility.
Mobius Life, an independent provider of investment administration services to UK pension schemes, offers access to a diverse range of funds on its Life Company platform, enabling pension schemes and their advisers to easily access and tailor their investment strategies and deliver their investment objectives.
Ian Mason, Portfolio Manager of AEW UK Real Return Fund, says: “We are delighted AEW RRF is part of the Specialist Fund range now available on the Mobius Life platform, which considerably opens up the number of institutional investors able to access the Fund. Investment platforms are increasingly recognised by advisers and investors alike as an efficient and cost-effective means of accessing a variety of asset classes and managing investment strategies. Mobius Life is one of the UK’s leading institutional investment platforms and has recently been recognised by the industry for its exceptional performance and high levels of client servicing and growth, making this an excellent partner for AEW.” 
Adrian Swales, Chief Executive, Mobius Life, says: “We are very pleased to welcome the AEW UK Real Return Fund to the Mobius Life platform. We provide pension schemes and their advisers with access to the funds they need to meet the scheme’s long-term investment objectives. The AEW UK Real Return Fund offers our clients access to an even wider choice of funds in the real estate sector.”