Allianz Real Estate launches Spaceflow tennant experience platform at flagship Vienna building

Allianz Real Estate has launched its Spaceflow tenant experience platform in THE ICON – its prime new development in Vienna. The app will provide the building’s tenants and users with a seamless connection to the amenities, services and community life in and around the development.

THE ICON was acquired in 2017 as a development by Allianz Real Estate on behalf of several Allianz companies and completed this year. It offers 88,000 sq m of premium office space as well as fitness, retail, dining and other services. The Spaceflow app will serve as a digital concierge and remote control to the building. Users will be able to engage with the building, make bookings, check the current capacity of the canteen and even call elevators and open doors. It will also offer immediate access to local services and events. In essence, the app is an enabler for users, helping them engage in the building’s community. 

“Tenant and user experience has become an increasingly important factor. Their demands, particularly concerning how technology is integrated into the experience of living and working in our buildings, are challenging us to raise the bar with our offering to them. We anticipate that the launch of the Spaceflow platform within THE ICON will have a positive effect on their satisfaction,” says Jérôme Schaefer, Allianz Real Estate Asset Management for Region North & Central Europe.
As a tenant experience and community engagement company, Spaceflow connects people staying in buildings to amenities, services and community life with a single click in the mobile app. The app also serves landlords and building operators, helping them to improve satisfaction and, in turn, to attract and retain top tenants.
“In THE ICON, perfect location and premium services are combined. We’ve added the digital layer and community engagement to THE ICON to create an even better experience. With our data-oriented approach, Spaceflow accelerates the transformation of real estate from a space-to-rent business to a space-as-a-service business. For landlords, this supports real-time communication with the building community, while increasing the value of the asset,“ says Lukas Balik, CEO of Spaceflow.
Since its founding in 2016, Spaceflow has spread to 11 markets around the world with a footprint on both sides of the Atlantic. “In that timeframe, tenant experience has become an important factor with a lot of industry attention,” says Balik.