JMP OppZone Services launches Opportunity Zone administration platform for investors and project sponsors

JMP OppZone Services (JMP), a business focused exclusively on financial and administrative support related to Opportunity Zone (OZ) investing, has launched an administrative platform for OZ investors, project sponsors and entrepreneurs. 

The shared services platform delivers due diligence, consulting, business support services, administration services, and investor compliance for tax regulation to facilitate meaningful, impactful investments in designated Opportunity Zones.

“Despite the significant tax benefits derived from OZ investing, navigating the regulations, creating workable investment structures and dealing with the investment timing requirements can be challenging. JMP’s primary goal is to create efficiency, transparency, and scalability for OZ investors and sponsors looking to capitalise on the new law. Our unique shared services model provides a platform for investors to create multi-year investments, multi-asset portfolios and, for sponsors, to efficiently pool capital while simultaneously reducing operational and compliance risk,” says Samuel S Weiser, founder and CEO of JMP OppZone Services.

Participation in the platform paves the way for investors to engage and make direct investments across multiple Opportunity Zones. JMP will focus on investment projects nationwide, moving beyond projects proximate to major urban centres that are currently garnering the attention of large asset managers. Additionally, JMP is centres to facilitate impact investing supporting client sponsored projects through mechanisms to solicit co-investment from like-minded investors.

“JMP offers a flexible, Qualified Opportunity Zone business structure enabling investors to comply with the law, including the ability to take up to 30 months to identify suitable OZ investments that meet their specific investment objectives and strategy. Our platform is unique as it provides investors with options including self-directing their OZ investments, investing jointly with other families and individuals, and seeking co-investors for their sponsored OZ projects. For project sponsors and entrepreneurs, our platform raises the visibility of their investment opportunity to a wide audience of potential investors through our platform as well as our strategic partner’s platforms,” says Weiser.

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