Kintyre approaching EUR1.5bn in AUM

With 21 per cent growth in assets managed in 2018, Frankfurt headquartered investor and asset manager Kintyre enjoyed a fourth successive year of growth in excess of 20 per cent, and is now pushing the EUR1.5 billion mark for real estate assets under management.

“Being able to deliver another year of balanced growth for our firm, while driving our quality enhancement agenda was very pleasing. Moreover, our continued growth has been largely driven by our existing clients and we are very thankful for their continued trust in Kintyre,” says Kintyre’s Adam Pearce, co-founder and managing partner of Kintyre
Kintyre holds mandates on around 750,000 sq m of commercial real estate, with 140 assets throughout Germany, across the firm’s full-service platform.
Over the past year, Kintyre’s growth and expansion of its management activity was supported with the employment of ten new staff members, taking the total to 51. This expansion was further supplemented with the key appointment of new managing director Guido Beddig announced at the turn of the year.
The firm’s focus for 2019 will be firmly on innovation and technology, as evidence by the launch in late 2018 of Kintyre DS, the firm’s vehicle for driving its digitisation and innovation agenda.
In addition, responding to escalating construction costs within Germany, Kintyre has also committed to expanding its internal project management and construction team in 2019, to support and help control costs for existing clients and investment partners.