BRE Global Ireland completes INAB accreditation

BRE Global Ireland has received confirmation that it has completed the European Union’s process to operate as a Notified Body and a Technical Assessment Body by achieving accreditation from the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) in Ireland.

The confirmation brings customers one step closer to gaining the assurance needed, to continue supplying their CE certified products to the European market post-Brexit.  
With BRE Global Ireland’s accreditation assessment report accepted, the next step is a designation from the Irish Government to the European Union. BRE Global Ireland will then receive a new Notified Body number from the European Commission, which customers will need to reflect in their literature and product labels.
Dr Debbie Smith OBE, Managing Director at BRE Global, says: “BRE Global Ireland is fully committed to providing our customers – existing and new, with the support they need to continue delivering their products into the European market.  Being formally recognised by INAB is a key part of that and we look forward to receiving our notified body number early in 2019.”
Once BRE Global Ireland has been formally recognised by the EU, it will rapidly transition customers’ certificates from BRE Global in the UK to BRE Global Ireland. In order to develop the transition plan and to identify the resources that will be required, BRE Global has written to its customers asking them to indicate which CE marking certificates/products they will transfer.
Smith adds: “Remaining with BRE Global for re-certification will be more cost-efficient, easier and preserve continuity. Our existing customers can have greater confidence as we have strong working relationships, while new customers will also benefit from our long-standing expertise.”