KNEIP launches new platform in London

KNEIP, a Luxembourg-based fund industry specialist, is launching a new digital service platform to the London market, allowing more transparency as well as greater efficiency in the funds industry.

The new single layered platform manages the entire fund lifecycle from end to end. KNEIP has digitalised all aspects of investor data and streamlined processes including document management, which will allow for more transparency and better efficiency of reporting and hugely reduced costs.
Historically, an asset manager who might want to launch a fund was required to use a fund registration team to compile the data and build reports, then external and internal legal departments would need to scrutinise it before sending it to the regulator. Now fund managers just drag their fund into their target market on the system, and the data and documents are compiled automatically to suit the requirements of each national regulator. The system also tracks administrative oversight boosting effectiveness.
Neil Ward, CEO, KNEIP, says: “KNEIP’s digitally driven platform is putting asset managers back in control of their data. The single layered platform enables them to manage the entire fund lifecycle from start to finish allowing for greater transparency and efficiency. The platform will lead to the digitalisation of investor data and in turn benefit investors.”
Bob Kneip (pictured), Founder and Chairman, KNEIP, says: “KNEIP has been assisting our client for 25 years. With every development since the company’s inception we have sought to transform the financial services industry. Our revolutionary new platform does just this, cutting costs and complexity for our clients.”
The platform can process data from many sources using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, to make it fit for any regulatory, distribution or marketing imperative and then communicate the results effectively to end users including clients, distributors, supervisors, partner and data providers.