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SS&C’s SKYLINE solution: a silver lining for RE managers…?

SS&C Technologies has launched a re-engineered version of SKYLINE Skyscraper, the company’s popular property management, reporting and accounting solution for commercial, residential and mixed-use property managers. 

The project has been two years in development and introduces a redesigned user interface with an icon-based toolbar that offers superior ease of use and intuitive navigation throughout the system. The aim is to help property managers run crucial operations more efficiently while mitigating risk. 

Along with enhanced usability and cutting-edge navigation, SKYLINE Skyscraper’s reporting capabilities optimise efficiency by enabling users to generate and distribute historical rent roll and accounts receivable ageing reports for any point in time. This gives users the ability to reconcile outstanding accounts receivable to historical balance sheets making the reconciliation process significantly easier. 

“The release of SKYLINE Skyscraper has been designed from the ground up to help property managers run crucial operations efficiently while mitigating risk,” says Rishi Khanna, Managing Director, Alternative Assets Technology. “Offered as a cloud, outsourced and license solution, SKYLINE Skyscraper demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving our industry leading technology to position our clients for success.” 

The solution will enable property managers to generate and distribute historical rent roll and accounts receivable reports for any point in time, making for a more streamlined, seamless reconciliation process. 

“SKYLINE Skyscraper is all about improving the productivity of our clients by focusing on their user experience,” Khanna tells Property Funds World. “The fully redesigned user interface with an icon-based toolbar offers ease of use and intuitive navigation. SKYLINE Skyscraper also allows users to work across multiple screens at a time, enabling them to switch contexts without stopping or losing work in other contexts. These two major enhancements, combined with a number of smaller ones, add up to make SKYLINE Skyscraper one of our most ambitious releases.”

Redesigning the user interface with an icon-based toolbar introduces a common navigation paradigm that users will be familiar with and understand from other applications. This is a major enhancement in itself, according to Khanna, “but we took it one step further in the details by introducing the ability to quickly search for a menu item in the tool bar and being able to save menu items to a favorites section. 

“This allows users to greatly reduce the number of clicks and optimize the user interface to what they need to do day-to-day.”

There are a number of ways property managers can use SKYLINE to mitigate their operational risk. One way is to utilize the accounts receivable aging reports to gauge the financial health of tenants and get warning signs of credit risk in leasing practices. Another way is to utilize the rent roll to proactively diversify tenant lease terms and future rollover, ultimately creating property value.

Khanna says that there over 250 standard reports in SKYLINE designed for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Property Management, and Facilities Maintenance functions. Some of the most utilized reports in SKYLINE are Rent Rolls, Delinquency Reports, and Financial Statements including check registers and bank reconciliations. In addition to standard reports, SKYLINE enables users to create custom ad hoc reports.

When asked what he considers to be the most important aspect of SKYLINE, compared to other reporting solutions in the market, Khanna stresses the system’s flexibility and scalability, enabling users to handle any property type reporting within the application. “It is the best in the industry when calculating Commercial Escalations/Common Area Maintenance in a timely and accurate manner that results in the savings of time and resources,” he says, adding:

“Property managers should utilise SKYLINE because of its comprehensiveness combined with flexibility and scalability to manage all types of properties. SKYLINE's extensive functionality provides improved efficiency without the need for additional third party tools.  With respect to tangible differences, we believe the new emphasis on historical reporting gives the user a better way to reconcile account detail with general ledger and balance sheet reporting quickly and simply.”

Users can optimize SKYLINE by matching the resources available in house with one of the three deployment and service options provided by SKYLINE. The options include on premise server installation, a fully hosted solution and a fully outsourced servicing alternative. 

“Today we see a strong move toward fully hosted solutions and a growing demand for fully outsourced solutions, reflecting the need to do more with less,” concludes Khanna.

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