Generali Real Estate’s Fen Court reaches practical completion

Generali Real Estate has announced the practical completion of Fen Court, the 40,000 sq m, 16 storey office and retail development that includes 10 Fenchurch Avenue, One Fen Court and 120 Fenchurch Street.

Designed by Eric Parry Architects, Fen Court is a prime example of Generali Real Estate’s exceptional development portfolio.
Generali Real Estate was supported by development managers CORE & Greycoat to create a building that, combining office and retail space, a roof-top restaurant and new areas of public realm, is well placed to become a new civic and commercial focal point for the City of London.
Designed in three distinct sections, the iconic building has a two-storey base and a new public passageway lined with retail frontages; a main body with nine storeys of offices, and an additional fully glazed “crown” element providing four floors of offices and a restaurant which has been let to D&D London. The attractiveness of Fen Court’s state of the art office accommodation was proven well before delivery, with a pre-let of 30,000 sq m to M&G Investments and another 3,000 sq m to Argo Global.
On the roof of the building, ‘The Garden at 120’ will become the City’s largest roof-top space open to the public when it is inaugurated later this year. Visitors will be able to enjoy a perimeter walk that gives vistas of London’s skyline.
Located on a main thoroughfare in the Eastern tower cluster of the City of London, Fen Court sits in an area of narrow pedestrian streets which have characterised the street plan for centuries. One of these has been creatively transformed into a generous public passageway, leading passers-by through the middle of the site where a stunning piece of public art has been installed. Inspired by the presence of the roof garden above, the artwork for the digital camera obscura-like soffit screen has been created by award-winning artists Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier.
Fen Court pursued the highest standards of environmental sustainability for a major office development, achieving a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ for shell and core construction.
Tina Paillet, Senior Executive at Generali Real Estate, says: “It is a pleasure for Generali Real Estate to announce the completion of Fen Court, an innovative development where new technologies blend with tradition and nature to create a unique office and retail environment that will benefit both occupiers and visitors. With its faceted facades displaying a range of colours, the building is recognisable at a glance and is destined to become a City of London landmark. The public realm amenities – with a new passageway through the building hosting a digital art space as well as a rejuvenated Fencourt, and at rooftop level, a large 360 degree panoramic viewing garden – make this development a truly modern office building with a strong sense of place.”