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Hearthstone renames residential property as TM Home Investor Fund

Residential property investment specialist Hearthstone Investments has changed the name of its TM Hearthstone UK Residential Property Fund to TM Home Investor Fund.

The change ensures continuity between the fund and Hearthstone’s new website –
The name change is part of a broader growth strategy with increased PR and marketing activity, events and regional roadshows with IFAs and intermediaries, as well as a recruitment drive including the recent appointment of Dave Hall as Business Development Manager for the South West.
Savers looking to invest directly into the fund will be able to do so via the webiste, a service that is being rolled out over the summer, with a full launch in September.
The fund objective remains to capture UK house price growth while delivering an element of income return by providing excellent accommodation and landlord services to the growing number of households looking to rent. The fund, which has returned 35 per cent over five years, will continue to be managed by Alan Collett and invest in flats and houses of various sizes spread across England, Scotland and Wales to broadly reflect the UK (ex Northern Ireland) housing market in terms of regional distribution and property type.
Cedric Bucher, CEO of Hearthstone, says: “Many people are familiar with the idea of homes as investments, but residential property as an investable asset class has long been overlooked by investors and advisers. Yet institutional capital is increasingly moving into the sector, recognising that the UK’s growing demand for and undersupply of quality housing makes residential property more resilient to economic downturns and attractive to long-term investors. We are keen to bring these benefits to a wider audience and believe the name change will more clearly describe the fund’s investments to retail investors.
“Within multi-asset portfolios, investing in homes can provide diversification thanks to residential property’s low correlation to equities and bonds as well as commercial property. As a single asset class investment, residential property offers a hassle-free and tax-efficient alternative to buy-to-let, as well as an investment tracking house price inflation when saving for a deposit for a first home or as a future purchase for children or grandchildren.” 

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