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Peab to build new IKEA department store in Kållered

Peab has been commissioned to build the new IKEA department store in Kållered. The customer is IKEA Fastigheter AB and the contract is worth SEK795 million.

The new department store will be 37,000 sq m and is part of an agreement between Peab and IKEA Fastigheter AB signed in December 2010. Under the agreement Peab will build ten IKEA department stores in the Nordic area and this cooperation is proceeding according to plan.
“In our cooperation with IKEA every department store is a milestone, a springboard to achieving our goals, of which the actual construction is one part. The final goal is turning over the store to IKEA and together with its employees opening its doors to curious customers. Several of our employees have followed all or some part of this ‘department store journey’ and done a fantastic job,” says Christer Lund, Head of Marketing at Peab.
The department store in Kållered is the seventh of the designated ten. Sustainability is a focal point in the work on the new department store and both IKEA and Peab have their sights set on the construction process leading to BREEAM certification.
“It’s exciting to be part of the process of building the department store of the future together with IKEA and at the same time contribute to the development of Mölndal City,” says Stellan Haraldsson, Region Manager Peab.
The ground and civil engineering work in Kållered has already begun.
The project will be order registered in the third quarter of 2018.

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