Juniper Square launches real estate investment management software

After two years of serving a select group of real estate investment managers, Juniper Square has announced the general launch its investment management software.

Clients such as Beacon Capital, The Reliant Group, and Cortland Partners, rely on Juniper Square to help them manage nearly 20,000 investment positions and over USD25 billion in capital.
More than 8,000 investors use Juniper Square to access reporting on nearly 1,000 investments, and Juniper Square customers are currently raising capital for more than 130 offerings using its software.
The firm’s technology integrates many capabilities into a single capital markets software system: a CRM designed for real estate; a secure data room and automated subscription process to streamline fundraising; a scaleable investment accounting system; and an automated, investor reporting capability.
“Moving from our previous system to Juniper Square was like night and day,” says Dane Rasmussen, managing director and head of investor relations, Beacon Capital. “Having a common source for our latest fund and investor data has enabled our accounting, investor relations, and fundraising teams to work together more efficiently. In addition, our investors value having self-service access to comprehensive investment data through Juniper Square's easy-to-use portal.”
“Real estate managers today are buried under mountains of spreadsheets and struggle with antiquated systems that are hard-to-use and don’t talk to each other,” says Alex Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Juniper Square. “Juniper Square puts an end to that with an easy-to-use, integrated system that supports the entirety of the capital markets operation, from front office to back. Whether they have ten investors or thousands, our software frees up managers to focus on what they do best: buying, selling, and leasing real estate, while providing an unparalleled experience for their investors.”
Doug Abbey, chairman of Swift Real Estate and Juniper Square customer and advisory board member, says: “Having recently raised two funds at Swift, I can say that limited partners are increasingly choosing general partners with a focus on their reporting and operations. Juniper Square helps us respond to these increasing demands, and its value proposition is pretty simple: it saves time, it saves money, and our investors love it.”

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