Claraphi's UMA combines managers, funds and alternatives for endowment-style investing

Claraphi Advisory Network is gaining ground in the managed accounts arena by offering a unified managed account (UMA) that can blend separate account managers, ETFs, and alternative investments.

Claraphi works with advisers of independent broker/dealers and with RIAs who want to focus on asset gathering and entrust the investment management and reporting to Claraphi's expertise. 
"We are seeing an industry-wide interest from advisors who are adapting their practices to be more holistic and understanding of their clients' overall financial goals," says Roxanna Guinan, Claraphi's senior vice president of business development. "Alternative investments enable advisers to offer their clients portfolios that are more endowment-like in nature, provide additional opportunities for income and/or growth and have less correlation to the stock market."
Claraphi's roster of alternatives includes private equity, real estate, commercial lending, hedge funds and energy, all of which have undergone an extensive due diligence process. 
Claraphi's network of custodians includes Folio Institutional (which supports fractional share investing), Schwab, Fidelity, Kingdom Trust and TIAA CREF.  

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