Baceline opens High Yield Income Fund to new investment

Boutique private equity real estate investment and management company Baceline Investments has opened its new High Yield Income Fund to new investment. 

The fund is designed for investors who seek to earn consistent, higher level income from their investment portfolio.

Baceline’s High Yield Income Fund is making investments in cash-flowing, neighbourhood retail centers throughout the midsection of the United States, taking advantage of low prices and interest rates to produce higher yields of return. The High Yield Income Fund is a hybrid of Baceline’s proven Debt Free strategy and its Opportunistic strategy. Baceline’s latest Debt Free fund, the Debt Free Income Fund IV, recently closed to new investment. Since its inception, Debt Free Income Fund IV fund made uninterrupted monthly distributions to investors totalling more than USD2.5 million.

The High Yield Income Fund expects to close on its first property this spring and then continue to build the portfolio with quality neighbourhood shopping centres throughout the Heartland.

“In an investment environment that is generally producing low levels of income for investors, the High Yield Income Fund offers a higher income strategy for investors,” says the firm’s Managing Partner, David Puchi. “By purchasing cash-flowing, multi-tenant, well-located retail properties in favorably priced markets in the midsection of the US, the High Yield Income Fund is employing a simple and time-tested real estate investment approach to producing income.”