Advent launches IntraLinks interface for Tamale RMS

Advent Software has launched a new interface between Tamale RMS and IntraLinks offering multi-manager organisations enhanced information automation and significant time savings with their research and due diligence processes.

Advent’s Tamale RMS is the only RMS to offer the IntraLinks service to its multi-manager clients.

The interface:

• Enables automatic transfer of monthly documents from hedge fund and private equity managers to Tamale RMS, categorized according to the client’s preferences,
• Eliminates multiple extra steps and manual data entry to add the necessary data into a single system of record for research (Tamale RMS), and
• Automates due diligence processes with Tamale RMS audit reporting to allow investment managers to focus on higher value-added work, such as increasing returns for their investors.

Over 100,000 global limited partners, including endowments, foundations, funds of funds and other investor organisations, use IntraLinks to download private equity and hedge fund monthly updates from over 500 alternative asset firms, such as private equity and hedge fund managers. In addition, nearly all of Advent’s multi-manager clients that have a private equity or alternatives arm already have an existing relationship with IntraLinks to download their monthly letters, statements, audited financials and marketing materials.

With this new offering, managers can now streamline the process of attaining data from disparate hedge fund and private equity managers via IntraLinks, and deposit and categorize them directly into Tamale RMS.

“As a client of both Advent and IntraLinks, we were excited to learn about the announcement—the relationship signifies the two companies’ commitment to support our team’s ability to make well-informed and timely decisions,” says Elizabeth Cohen, investment operations, Spider Management Company of the University of Richmond.

Advent is committed to its strategic data relationships to help our clients succeed in their businesses and achieve their goals,” says Chris Momsen, executive vice president of global sales and product solution strategy. “Advent is taking significant steps to stay ahead of the industry by offering even more value to clients. Our commitment to providing additional benefits via relationships with top solution and service providers is a testament to our focus on helping our clients make better-informed decisions enabling them to provide excellent client service, which leads to the growth of their businesses.”

“We are excited by our agreement with Advent,” says Rainer Gawlick, chief marketing officer at IntraLinks. “The interface between IntraLinks and Tamale is another demonstration of IntraLinks’ commitment to serving the investment management industry. We view this relationship as a key element in providing fund managers and their investors with best-of-breed communication and information management tools.”

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