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TPG Software offers mortgage REITs cloud-based accounting and management reporting service

TPG Software has launched a new service that offers Mortgage REITs the ability to deliver daily analytical & accounting reporting via Cloud. Mortgage REITs can use this daily reporting service that combines portfolio management with analytics, hedging, and operational reports to improve operational efficiency.

The new REIT Reporting-as-a-Service (RRaS) debuts at a time when institutional investors are demanding more transparency and independent verification of performance results.

"Transparency, accuracy and presentation of all investment-related metrics, including assets, liabilities and derivatives, are the main concern of every Mortgage REIT," says Slavek Rotkiewicz, President at TPG Software.

The TPG Cloud-based service frees asset managers from the time and expense of producing customised reports from multiple data sources. TPG Software supplies the analytics and functionality which enables REITS to generate reports for each of their portfolios as well as consolidated report view. TPG RRaS calculates daily P/L and balance sheet information, counterparty exposures, forecasts cash flows, and calculates interest rate risk and positions accounting and assists in managing collateral. TPG Software RRaS standardises the REIT business process and workflow making managing and reporting much more efficient than older legacy systems.

"The ability to provide comprehensive daily reporting for our Mortgage REITs clients is another step forward in improving the daily business process and consequently returns," says Rick Schnitger, Product Manager at TPG Software.

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