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AML & KYC Compliance

Monday, June 26, 2017 - 00:00
1 Day
Conducted by: 
Eureka Financial
Sam Baker

This 1-day intensive course is designed for bankers and professionals working in the financial services industry to provide them with a better understanding of:

  • Money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Suspicious transaction reporting and suspicious activity indicators
  • Customer due diligence and record keeping and
  • International regulatory standards 

An effective AML compliance programme requires sound risk management practices. This highly practical 1 day course provides guidance on identifying and controlling risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. You will learn about the latest regulatory requirements and the industry best practices in preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. 
The course includes many case studies illustrating AML techniques and strategies from around the world.

Main topics covered include:

  • Money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Analysing bank risk areas 
  • Suspicious activity indicators and transaction reporting 
  • Setting up effective KYC procedures 
  • Customer due diligence and record keeping 
  • International regulatory standards
  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF) 
  • Bank examination techniques 
  • Practical Tips in AML Management
  • Many recent AML case studies from around the world 

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