The New Realities For Hedge Funds: Compliance, Convergence & Growth

Welcome to Hedgeweek's page dedicated to hedge funds regulation and industry insights from KPMG. This section aims to provide you with the latest on regulation, expert views on the future of the industry and information about relevant upcoming events.

Are hedge funds living up to investors’ expectations?

There’s no denying that hedge funds remain in the upper echelons of the investment universe. Performance expectations remain high yet at the same time, as the industry becomes increasingly saturated with institutional assets, investors are giving managers more time to achieve their targets. »

Governance and risk management for Alternative Investment Funds in the AIFMD environment

Governance and risk management for Alternative Investment Funds in the AIFMD environment – a higher compliance burden or a potential competitive advantage? »

International financial centres tackle regulatory challenges

International financial centres play an important role in enabling the efficient flow of capital across borders, allowing hedge funds, in-particular, to attract investment capital globally. Historically the relatively light regulation of hedge funds has been viewed as one of the key features that facilitate these flows of capital, providing additional depth and liquidity to capital markets. »

IRS issues safe harbor regulations governing the assignment of derivatives

On November 5, 2013, the U.S. Treasury Department (“Treasury”) and the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) issued final regulations1 that address when a transfer or assignment of a derivative contract does not result in a taxable event to the non-assigning counterparty for purposes of section 1001 and Treasury regulations section 1.1001-1(a). »

The next operational hurdle for hedge funds - collateral management

The consequences of the market collapse of 2008 are still overshadowing the market today. Gone are the days when hedge funds or buy-side firms would rely heavily on their counterparts’ data for the aggregation, deployment, and settlement of their margin calls. »