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Mohammed Hanif, Insparo Asset Management: “The defining feature of our funds is the returns they have been able to generate in the toughest of conditions”

Mohammed Hanif (pictured), the founder, chief executive and chief investment officer of Insparo Asset Management, says the firm’s Africa and Middle East Fund has generated returns exceeding 30 per cent since launch in June 2008 through an innovative on multistrategy approach that has protected investors’ capital in stormy markets while generating outstanding absolute returns during periods of market strength. »

The Interview – Renee Haugerud, Galtere: “Real assets, particularly agricultural commodities, should outperform equities and bonds”

Renee Haugerud (pictured), founder and chief investment officer of global macro manager Galtere, sees opportunities in the convergence of the US economy with commodity-rich economies and is backing that view through a real assets private equity strategy that invests in the production of agricultural staples in Brazil, Uruguay and Australia as well as complementary agribusiness opportunities in Brazil. »

The Interview – Simon Collard, Collard Capital: “Demand for hedge funds, particularly global macro, is returning”

Over the next 12 months Simon Collard, founder of Collard Capital and portfolio manager of the newly-launched Collard Global Macro Fund, expects to see more intervention by central banks in the currency markets, more measures by governments in Asia to target the property sector, and increasing social unrest in emerging markets related to food prices. »

The Interview – Luca Rubinelli, Xenfin Capital: “The environment is extremely positive for smaller managers like us”

Luca Rubinelli, portfolio manager of the Global Macro Absolute Return Trading strategy at systematic trading specialist Xenfin Capital, says uncertainty over G10 government balance sheets and weake »

The Interview – Nicolas Galperin, Onslow Capital Management: “There is too much debt of all kinds out there”

Nicolas Galperin, founder of Onslow Capital Management and principal portfolio manager of the Onslow Macro Fund, says the firm’s ‘option-like’ strategy and portfolio structure puts less emphasis on market direction and more on delivering the right risk-return relationship across a range of idiosyncratic themes. »

The Interview – Nicolai Borcher Hansen, Aros Capital Partners: “Risk aversion in the market is back to August 2007 levels”

Aros Capital Partners has just launched its first investment vehicle, the long-biased global macro Aros Paradigm Fund, with friends and family capital. Chief investment officer and founding partner Nicolai Borcher Hansen (pictured) says the fund’s investment strategy will target value-based investment in equities and corporate bonds as well as exploiting the firm’s expertise in the niche area of Danish mortgage bonds. »

The Interview – Michael Reveley, SEAL Capital: “Capital preservation and growth are not mutually exclusive”

SEAL Capital founders and managing partners R Michael Reveley (pictured) and Toby Chandler believe that in the wake of the Madoff, Galleon and K1 scandals, investors are demanding transparency, liquidity and a highly ethical infrastructure, which their firm delivers through the HFR managed account platform. »

The Interview – Mick Swift, Abbey Capital: “The inclusion of managed futures will help to deliver a diversified portfolio”

Mick Swift, director of research at Dublin-based Abbey Capital, says the firm, which runs global macro and managed futures multi-manager funds with more than USD1.7bn under management, is enjoying strong allocations from investors thanks to the high levels of liquidity offered by the funds as well as the firm’s eight-year track record. »

The Interview - Simon Luhr, PCE Investor, and Mahmood Noorani, Gyldmark: “There will be exceptional opportunities in the months ahead to capture large market moves”

Simon Luhr, chief executive of PCE Investors (pictured), and Gyldmark chief investment officer Mahmood Noorani, explain the approach of the Gyldmark global macro fund launched in July and that is currently targeting the overall level of demand and supply for risky assets.   »

The Interview - Anita Ramachandran and Rajinder Sabherwal, Magister Ludi Capital Management: "Capturing mispricing across markets and asset classes is a richer source of returns than security selection"

Magister Ludi Capital Management portfolio manager Anita Ramachandran and chief executive Rajinder Sabherwal (pictured) say that their Global Macro »

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