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Inland American Real Estate Trust has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Southern District of Indiana on behalf of its affiliate, Inland American (LIP) Sub, for damages and a jury trial against principals of The Lauth Group.

The lawsuit alleges that Robert Lauth Jr., Michael Curless, Gregory Gurnik, Lawrence Palmer and Thomas Peck undertook various wrongful actions in connection with both agreements with Inland and with regard to various real estate projects the defendants control through a number of sole-asset entities.

The suit asks that the defendants be required to answer for their misconduct and requests judgment as to numerous claims against the defendants.

Inland American Real Estate Trust focuses on acquiring and developing a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate including retail, multi-family, industrial, lodging, office and student housing properties, located in the US and Canada. The company also invests in joint ventures, development projects, real estate loans and marketable securities, and selectively acquires Reits and other real estate operating companies.

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